When and Why to Revise Your Business Plan


You know that business plans are important, but as a business owner, you also know that figures and strategies can often change. You’re probably aware that you should revise your business plan once a year, but there are times when an annual look just isn’t enough. If you’re unsure what constitutes revising your business plan, […]

The Basics of Tradeshow Marketing


Tradeshows are often an excellent way to gain clientele and exposure for your small business. Tradeshows are useful because they offer you a platform on which to shop your products and services to people in a position where they are ready to learn. Tradeshows are a hub of activity; new products to see, new market […]

Creating A Kick Ass Marketing Plan


A marketing plan is a must-have for your outreach strategy. Without a plan, you can’t know whether or not you’re successfully reaching your goals. It makes finding your way and monetizing that much easier when you know exactly what your plan of attack is. Product Description and Potential Roadblocks Start by writing our a description […]

How to Cope with Social Media (And Not Feel Completely Overwhelmed)


If you’re one of the people who wants to use social media, but can’t help feeling stretched by the time and organization it seems to take, you’re not alone. The market today is changing, and now more than ever before, business owners are faced with the need to sell themselves on a daily basis, while […]

Avoiding Copycats: Plagiarism In The Business World


Copycatting. Plagiarism. In our growing technological world, these practices happen more often than we would like. In the business world, copycatting can be our worst nightmare. When someone imitates us, it’s supposed to be flattering, but when someone imitates our body of work it can become angering, fast. The unfortunate thing about success is that […]

How to Collaborate Using Skype


As technology becomes more widespread and reliable, one thing that businesses are taking advantage of is the ability to hire a team remotely and work together, while not physically being together. For many, the best person for the job isn’t necessarily going to be the closest. When it comes to employing a team remotely, or […]

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